Oct 21, 2012

A child once accompanied his parents on an outing to the mountains. With them, he drank cool water from a mountain stream. Loving its fresh taste, he filled a bottle from the stream and took it home with him. There, he would sip only a little water each day, wanting to make it last as long as possible.
What was his disappointment a few weeks later, then, to find that the water left in the bottle had become stagnant. Money, similarly, grows stagnant when we "bottle it up"- that is to say, hoard it. To attract a steady money-flow in our lives, we must learn to view money not as a thing merely, but as an expression of energy- ultimately, as an expression of our energy. 

Oct 13, 2012

Assess the people around you; understand them for what they are. Then you will not have unreasonable expectations of them. Do you hate a lion for its ferocity? Do you dislike a deer for its timidity? No. You understand that they all function according to their nature. As long as you feel negativity about anyone you will suffer, not the other person.
(Excerpt from Speaking Tree-Times of India)

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