May 30, 2013

Try something New

Take a leap
Never be afraid to try something new,
because life gets boring when you stay
within the limits of what you already know.
-( Anonymous)

Set yourself free
A mind that is stretched by a new experience
can never go back to its old dimensions.
- (Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.)

Dive into discoveries
There are no great limits to growth because
there are no limits of human intelligence,
imagination, and wonder.
- (Ronald Reagan)
( Source :Junoon Theatre Workshop)

May 24, 2013

Many years ago, there lived in China a young man called Mogo, who earned his living breaking stones. Although he was strong and healthy, he was not satisfied with his work and complained about it day and night. One day, his guardian angel appeared to him. ‘You’re healthy and you have your whole life before you,’ said the angel. ‘All young men start off doing the same sort of job as you. Why are you always complaining?’
‘God has treated me unfairly and has not given me the chance to grow,’ replied Mogo.
Concerned, the angel went to ask the Lord for his help. ‘Do as you wish,’ said the Lord. ‘Everything that Mogo wants will be granted to him.’ 
The following day, Mogo was, as usual, breaking stones when he saw a carriage pass by bearing a nobleman laden with jewels. Wiping the sweat from his dirty face, Mogo said bitterly: ‘Why can’t I be a nobleman too? That is my destiny!’
‘So be it!’ murmured his angel, delighted. And Mogo was transformed into the owner of a big palace with a vast estate, with many servants and horses. He used to go out every day with his impressive train of followers and enjoyed seeing his former companions lined in front of him.
On one such afternoon, the heat was unbearable; even under his golden covers, Mogo was sweating as much as he used to in his days as a breaker of stones. He realised then that he wasn’t really that important: above him were princes and emperors, but higher than them all was the sun, who obeyed no one – the sun was the true king.
‘Dear angel, why can’t I be the sun? That must be my destiny!’ asked Mogo.
‘So be it!’ exclaimed the angel, concealing his sadness at such vaulting ambition. And Mogo became the sun, as he had wanted
While he was shining in the sky, admired for his immense power to ripen the grain or scorch it as he wished, a black spot started moving towards him. The dark stain grew larger and larger, and Mogo realised that it was a cloud spreading all around him, so that he could not longer see the Earth.
‘Angel!’ cried Mogo. ‘The cloud is stronger than the sun! My destiny is to be a cloud!’
‘So be it!’ replied the angel. Mogo was transformed into a cloud and he thought he had finally realised his dream.
‘I’m so powerful!’ he yelled as he obscured the sun. ’No one can beat me’; he thundered as he chased the waves. But on the deserted ocean shore stood a vast granite rock, as old as the world itself. Mogo thought that the rock was defying him and unleashed a storm such as the world had never seen. Vast, furious waves lashed the rock, trying to wrench it from the earth and hurl it into the depths of the sea.
Firm and impassive, the rock remained where it was. ‘Angel,’ sobbed Mogo, ‘the rock is stronger than the cloud! My destiny is to be a rock!‘ And Mogo was transformed into that rock.
‘Who can vanquish me now?’ he wondered. ‘I am the most powerful thing in the world!’ And so several years passed, until, one morning, Mogo felt something stabbing into his stone entrails, this was followed by intense pain, as if part of his granite body was being broken into pieces. Then he heard dull, insistent thuds and felt again that terrible pain.
Mad with fear, he cried: ‘Angel, someone is trying to kill me! He has more power than I do, I want to be like him!’
‘So be it!’ exclaimed the angel, weeping. And that was how Mogo went back to breaking stones.

Moral of the story:

Not satisfied from your life?

From stone breaking person to a noble person to sun and to a cloud and then to rock and to stone breaking person again: We should be happy wherever we are – whosoever we are and keep on making our life better! Wishing you a happy life.
( By Shirlei Massapust: From Paulo Coehlo’s collection of stories)

May 14, 2013

There was once a seeker who would meditate in a room for several hours each day. He wished to solve the mystery of life. He would not speak to anyone but would stay in the room, meditating almost all day.
One day, a dark cloud passed above the building, darkening the room. Once the cloud passed, the room became light again. Suddenly, the seeker came out of the room, went into the street and began dancing and singing with joy. Seeing this, the master asked, " What has made you so happy and full of laughter today? "

The seeker said, " I have just figured out the secret to life. All life is maya or illusion. One day the sky is clear. Then a cloud comes and darkens the sky.Then, the cloud passes and the sky is clear again. Such are the events of our life. All the ups and downs in life will pass away also.
This simple realisation brings forth a calm approach to life. Instead of reacting to happy and sad moods as the play of our life unfolds, we can learn to remain calm, realising they will all pass....

( By Sant Rajinder Singh- TOI)

May 10, 2013

You are angry , and you watch it. You are not just angry, a new element is introduced into it : you are watching it. And the miracle is that if you can watch anger, the anger disappears without being repressed.

(Source :TOI)

May 7, 2013

Sometimes just giving yourself permission to feel any emotion without judgement or censorship can lessen the intensity of those negative emotions. Almost like you are letting them out into the backyard to run around and get rid of some of that energy.
Instead of trying to alleviate some of the uncomfortable and unpleasant emotions you feel by "trying to be positive", try being negative instead. Seriously, try it sometime. This will help you get in touch with how you actually feel.
( By Augusten Burroughs)

Spend Money On others

The editors of gave $5 or $20 randomly to 46 strangers. Half the group was told to spend the money on themselves, while the other half was told to spend it on others. Those who'd shared the cash felt much happier at the end of the day than those who'd spent it on themselves. There was no difference in happiness between those who spent $5 or $20, suggesting that it's not how much money you spend, but how you spend it, that can boost the spirit.

(source :-

May 5, 2013

  • Hardwork and fun is what life is all about. As soon as something stops being fun, I think it's time to move on. Life is too short to be unhappy. Waking up stressed and miserable is not a good way to live.
  • If you do still hve to work for a boss at a job you don't like, as almost everyone does at some point, don't moan about it. Have a positive outlook on life and just get on with it. Work hard and earn your pay. Enjoy the people you come into contact with through your job. And if you are still unhappy, make it instead your goal to divide your private life from your work life. Have fun in your own time, you will feel happier and you will enjoy your life and your job more.
( Richard Branson)

May 2, 2013

Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it. That's the mark of a true professional. ( Gautam Buddha)
Hard work is painful when life is devoid of purpose. But when you live for something greater than yourself and the gratification of your own ego, then hard work becomes a labour of love. ( Steve Pavlina)

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