Feb 27, 2014

I have always wanted to write a story and now that I realize all the wonderful things that happens in my life I can, and this story will be the first one to come. I first came to hear about The Secret at the age of 14 by an online friend who I am truly thankful for meeting. If not for him then I would not have known about this wonderful thing.
I have always been a positive person and try to live life with great intentions.
At the age of 16 my mom had lost the house due to her choices and circumstances, so I had to live with my dad. I fell into a bit of a depression for I had to drop out of school and was not able to go back because my father didn't support me going to school to get my high school degree. In his eyes you didn't need education for a good paying job. Long story short, I had no real social life but online, no job, and no schooling, so I got tired of living life day by day doing nothing.
That is when I remember the power of The Secret. 
I started to apply the manifesting process and 2 years later I had my own income and was going to school. Now I have my full grade 12, living back with my mom in an amazing house that we both manifested and I currently have a job I love, which I have had for over a year now.
I always wanted to keep pushing the limits of The Secret and my belief in it. so I applied the same practices to seeing Cody Simpson, because he lives across the world from me. Well, last week when I was working it was a very slow day because I work at a movie theater and during the day it is a bit slow. Anyways to get back on track, I got back from break to work in the box office and who do I see in line to buy a movie ticket?
It was Cody simpson and his family! I was able to meet him, his mother, sister and brothers, as well as Ryan Beatty. It was really neat because it came when I least expected it. 
Once you really start feeling gratitude, your life shifts and you are automatically more happy. When you are happy, that is when success truly happens! 
(By Kyle N)
Source:- thesecret.tv/stories

(About Kyle N from Saskatoon, SK:
Just a normal person trying to show others you really can live life to the fullest if you just make the choice to)

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